The new name - Hillos Coyoteria Sonorense


Hillos - Coyotas Sonora Logo

Spanish: /EE-lohs/     English: /HEE-lohs/

Being a brand designer/marketer my whole career, I knew the moment I brought this tradition pastry to the states would HAVE TO COME. From East LA food row to DTLA Row @smorgasburgla, thousands have tasted my #coyotas. The new brand name will be "Hillos," while Coyotas Sonora remains the company name. Why the change? Simply put, "Coyotas Sonora" is like calling my product "NY Hot Dog"—it doesn't effectively establish a brand that resonates with all Latinos and the 290 million others who enjoy Latino cuisine like tacos and cervezas. Believe me, WE MEXICANS/LATINOS are becoming a staple in kitchens across the country and the world.

Why Hillos? After a year of exploration, Hillos pays homage to the city where the coyota was born (commercially speaking). The true history is blurred, with many claiming its invention in Villa de Seris. Locals have several short names for their beloved city, and "Hillo" (pronounced hee-lo) is one of them.

At the end, this s a business decision to satisfy the market conditions I face ahead.

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