The Start of a New Routine

Switch up your routine with our new coyotas, a tasty twist on traditional pastries that brings authentic Mexican and Latin American vib to your table.

Toasted. Obvio.

Coyotas are made to be eating as is but one thing Sonorans are known for are having a "comal" to reheat everything. Don't worry if you don't have one, a toaster or toaster oven works just as well.We highly recommend this.

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The perfect pair.

After being toasted, the perfect pairing is with coffee. Piloncillo is the our favorite for this, But, depending on your taste buds, all flavors will suffice. #SonoraStyle

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Hillos Coyotas Sonora

Breakfast your way.

A more modern take on the coyota is dressing it up after being toasted. Fruit, jams, flavored syrups, and toppings are all fair game here. We encourage you to explore. Make sure you start with your favorite base filling flavored coyota first.

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Move over churros.

Just simple replace your favorite churro with, lets say, coyota de Dulce de Leche. Toasted it, cut it, top it with ice cream and add that fun stuff you enjoy. The difference is, well, you'll see and flavor it – YUMMY!

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Make It Your Way, Any Way.

Add more sweetness by dipping in Nutella or your favorite chocolate variation. Dulce de Lech + Nutella, Piloncillo with Cajeta syrup. Nutella with more Nutella! The combinations are endless.

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