New Packaging for 2024: Custom Stand-up Pouch


Hillos New brand packaging by Coyotas Sonora

2020 was definitely on the books for everyone. I had the first iteration of the my packaging done for my grand entrance to Smogasburg LA that year and just like that, everything got postponed. During Covid, online sales drove most of my income and the packaging solution was lean. As mandates were lifted and samples were allowed, I reduced the flavor offering from 6 to 4 (Nutella and Mazapan), redesigned the labels to accommodate 4 flavors while adding on brand and keeping to continuity. Sidebar, I had already designed the full color/flavor brand in 2020. This allowed me to make small and necessary adjustments where needed.

This July 2024, It will be 2 years at Smorgasburg LA,. It has allowed me to collect valuable feedback about my product and from certain demographics. Pretty much Smorg has been a live, random focus group which has helped the progress of brand positioning and messaging. The brown bag, an off-the-shelf solution has been great but it has it limitations, regarding shelf life and branding.


What you'll find on the new custom bag:

Flavors, toasting instructions, # of pieces, brand messaging, brand name,

Adhered label: list of all ingredients, refrigerate by date, LA County Dept of Health permit #, company information.


Key features of the new packaging:

Zipper: Press-To-Close, after opening

Good heat stability

Low activation temperature

Good barrier properties

This product is in compliance for direct contact with food under FDA


 *New stand up pouch will be reflected in product page when available.

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